Desi Horsman - nutritionist - dietitian - diet - wellness - motivational speakerDesi Horsman

"We are all born with an innate wisdom of knowing what, when and how much to eat. Each person knows exactly what their own body needs."

Desi Horsman is a leading authority on all things food. She is a qualified clinical nutritionist, wellness coach and professional speaker. She is passionate about her discipline and sharing her incredible knowledge about the human body and the connection between mind and body wellness.

For Desi – educating people on how to trust their instincts when it comes to eating is more than a job – it’s her calling and she has helped thousands of people live healthier, happier lives by mentoring them in the art of listening to their body and trusting its needs on all levels.

I started listening to my body and trusting its needs on all levels. With so much conflicting nutritional advice and so many constant changes in scientific research, often we are left not knowing what or who to believe. Everything you need to know, your body’s innate intelligence already knows.

She is also very passionate about teaching parents how to feed their children so that they foster a healthy relationship with food from their earliest beginnings.

If you love food - this may sound like music to your ears – because Desi has been quoted as saying that “Diets may work, but they are not sustainable in our daily stressful lives and in the long run – they are not healthy and lead to more stress.”

A respected opinion leader and often quoted in the media – Desi regularly appears as a guest on DSTV’s Real Health show and ANN7’s - Shape your Life. Publications and blogs like Fitness magazine, Living and Loving, Sunday Times, City press, All4Woman, Dischem, Woman and Home and many others, ask Desi to weigh in on nutritional and other health related matters. Radio interviews include 702 and Radio 2000.

Desi is often invited to speak at events on a wide range of topics to the public, at schools and to corporates alike. The Annual Toddler Seminar, M&C Training Seminar, the Annual Secretaries Day Conference, and the Natures Children Seminars, are just some of the well-known forums where she helps people to better understand their bodies. She is an animated speaker and inspires audiences to want to make changes to ensure they build a health relationship with food - so they in turn might live better lives. Her credibility on stage is further reinforced by the fact that she lives and breathes what she teaches.

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  • 1988 Wits University Mental Health Society – Counselling course
  • Volunteer counsellor for 4 years
  • 1992 Bachelor of Commerce from Wits University
  • 1999 Certified Nutritionist from Life Science Institute, Texas (now in Canada)
  • 2012 Diploma in Nutritional Supplementation from the International Academy of Nutrition, Australia
  • 2013 Diploma in Clinical Nutrition from the International Academy of Nutrition, Australia
  • 2013 Certified Wellness Coach from Wellness Coaching Australia
  • 2016 Health Coach – Patrick Holford’s Zest for Life