If you have tried and failed before, try the Zest4life approach to find the key to inspiring you to lose weight, shape up and feel better than you have in years. The Zest4life health,weight loss and lifestyle coaching programmes are a structured step by step process to achieve amazing results in energy,  digestion, mood, concentration, skin, hair, lower body fat percentage, reduced PMS, reduced cholesterol  levels and sleep.  This success formula provides coaching to bridge the gap between dreaming about what  you want and achieving what you want, and is a major part of every  program. All our motivational  coaching tools are unique to zest4life and research shows that you are 80% more likely to succeed if you  set clear goals and commit to them with your trained motivational coach. Our coaching process takes you  through all the essential components to make a breakthrough in your eating, thinking and behaviour  patterns. It includes success planning, rewards, time & stress management techniques, positive brain  training, motivation boosters and breakers and makers. 

Our flagship Zest4life Health programmes include:

  • 1 on 1 session or in groups
  • New health, weight loss and coaching content every term
  •  ‘Vitality’, ‘Superhealth’ and ‘Wellbeing’ and Stress and Hormones
  • Your personal health, diet and lifestyle assessment
  • Comprehensive programme materials
  • Weekly body composition analysis
  • Personal food diary recommendations
  • Coaching

Your health is the best investment you could possibly make. Benefit from the support of an expert in health and nutrition who really understands how to work with your body for optimum results. This is intelligent weight loss for people who are serious about losing weight and improving their health and are ready to commit and take action now!



Nutrition & Wellness

Our relationship to food directly correlates with our relationship to life. As we go through life, our experiences shape our beliefs and this can lead to people no longer trusting what comes from within.

It is my aim to help people to become consciously aware of their bodies again so that they can learn to listen and trust its needs. There is a specific diet for every person on this planet. Through listening to and understanding your body’s cravings, you can begin to work out what that diet is.

Each eating plan that I create is based on this understanding of an individual’s needs, as well as the fundamental nutritional building blocks that have been proven over time. Along with a healthy eating plan, I assist you with how to incorporate it into your lifestyle in a manner that becomes habit rather than something else that you have to think about.

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Sports Nutrition

The fundamentals of a diet for a sportsman or woman are the same as any eating plan. The essential building blocks of healthy foods must be there to give the athlete what they need in order to train hard and recover quickly.

In addition to this, the individual’s needs must be taken into account. By understanding your training programme, your athletic goals and your specific food requirements, I can create an eating plan that will help you to achieve the fitness levels that you desire.

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Motivational Speaking

One of my biggest passions is to educate people on nutrition, and the role that healthy eating plays in your overall wellbeing.

Scientific research is constantly bringing out new information and new diets. This overwhelming amount of information can be confusing to sort through on your own. In my talks, I aim to empower you to make healthy choices for yourself and discover a new relationship with food.

My talks are tailored to your event and can cover a range of topics. These include nutrition and wellness, learning to listen to your body, understanding new research, and educating parents on how to foster a healthy relationship with food in their children.

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